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Insertions 2019

Photographic series, books

This project arises from a state of boredom and attraction towards the city of Oslo where I lived from January to July 2019.


Caught up in bewilderment and curiosity, I took photographs around the city looking for details, situations, and objects that caught my attention. Once collected a consistent number of different pictures, I started to compare these images with photographs from tourist guide books and photobooks of the city.


The idea is to create a collision between touristic images of Oslo and my photographs, a dialogue between the mediated reality of a mass product and the mediated reality of my personal experience as a “tourist”. To do so I interacted with books in libraries and bookshops around town, looking for connections between images. The juxtapositions were both formal and conceptual.


Finally, the fruition of these images is an intimate dialogue with random spectators that will leaf through the books found on the library shelf.

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