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(s)comparse 2018

This artwork is based on a series of videos on the work of streets cleaners in Venice, where I lived for 2 years.
 peripherical presence is observed through the movement and repetitive gestures of their jobs.

Another inevitable layer of the film is the city of Venice, one of the symbols of mass tourism and the related consumer culture.

The city, in the first shootings, is empty, without the constant flows of tourists that every day fill the tight called. In these images prevails Venice and it’s double silent life, where the only noises come from the brooms cleaning the street's tiles.

As the morning goes by we can see the chaotic everyday life of Venice, but my attention stays with the street cleaners job and their constant appearing and disappearing into the crowd.

(s)comparse, the title, is a play on words about the act of being present and disappearing.


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