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οὐτόπος,  2016

Sheets of paper, variable dimensions

Οὐτόπος is a Greek word which means ‘no place’. In this project, I wanted to show in a tangible way a daily lived dimension that people cannot feel concretely. I am talking about the World Wide Web, a service that has become a strong part of our everyday life and that, in a conscious way or not, is changing our way of perception and access to infomations.

In this work, I selected images, texts, videos, important artists and theorists that in a way reflects on our digital condition and the condition of the arts too. Concepts such as the reproducibility, authorship, appropriation, shared knowledge and many others are then printed and brought to an analog dimension. Formally I created different papers with links, QR codes, screenshots, that has been placed around the city; a kind of flyering where people can interact in a different way. The transposition of an immaterial dimension to a material one. The artwork took place in Vicenza and Venice.

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