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Microcosmo 2017

Site specific installation, found objects

“Microcosmo (April-May 2017, Ex Ospedale al Mare, Lido of Venice)” is a site-specific installation that try to give a vision about the identity of an abandoned hospital throughout its material presences. To do I dedicated myself, during the months of April and May of 2017, to the intuitive collection of found objects inside the hospital, so to move and display them on the empty shelves of ex-archive of the building. 

The chosen objects were of two categories: things that belonged to the hospital when still in function (medical tools, books, booklets, etc.) and recent objects that show the passing of time and the transit of people during these years of carelessness. If the display of medical objects tends to be the more sober, the second collection presents different compositions and aesthetic arrangements of materials and objects.

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